So we say
Ese Ese
Baba Ese
And so we say
Imela imela
Eze ndi eze
Verse 1:
Call: For opening doors that no man can shut
Response: Ese
Call: For pouring your blessings upon us Lord
Response: Imela
Call: for healing our bodies and making us whole

Response: Ese
We say ese

Verse 2:
Call: For making the barren to bear children

Res: Ese

Call: For protection over us day and night

Res: Imela

Call: For putting food on our table Lord

Response: Ese
We say

Solo: Lord we say thank you For all that you have done

Even though we know our words can never be enough

From the depths of our heart we want to say thank you

For provisions and protection upon us

Who can forgive my sins the way you do Daddy

Who can love me the way you love me in spite of my faults

Who can be proud to call me child in spite of my past

Ewoh ewoh
It’s only you



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