[Lyrics] Wetin I gain – Frank Edward

Solo 1

It’s been a long long while
That I said hello
It’s been a long long while
That I went on my knees
I have been busy with work
Every other thing and the kids
The more I do the more I do, the more I feel
That something is missing

Oh Oh
And I need to fix it
If I don’t worship you
Wetin I gain?
If I don’t lift my voice
Wetin I gain?
If I don’t sing hallelujah
Wetin I gain o?
Wetin I gain?

Solo 2
Take it Lord
My worship
Take it Lord
My praises
You are the alpha and omega
The beginning and the end
All I wanna do is to worship you
You’re the air that I breathe
You are the sunshine in my life
Every time that I’m with you
Nothing is missing
Oh yea
You’ve already fixed it

Repeat Chorus (2x)


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