You are an awesome God.
You are a mighty God.
You are an awesome God.
That’s who you are.

Eyaweh Kumama x3
Kumama x4.

Call: Otua ka Chineke anyi di eh
Resp: Agidigba eh eh eh Agidigba eh

He No dey fail me
Ahh ahh…

All the way oh
Ahh ahh…

King of kings oh
Lord of Lord’s oh
My mighty one
He’s the holy one
My provider
All in all
Help me call am
Help me hail am
The big one.
The mighty warrior.

Have Got Evidence Oh
Have Got Covidenve
Victory loruko temi o
Eri loruko Temi o

Iyele le le/ x…..

Atewo fun Baba o
Atewo ni mo fi ya mo bi o ba mo ore


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