If nor be God – Sharon [Lyrics]

Who gave Salvation totally free?
Who paid d debt he did not owe?
Who forgave my sins and faults over and over again ?
It could be God alone and never a Man!!!!
No no no

If to say Man be God tell me where I for dey?
If to say man be God ,tell me who I for be ?
If to say Man be God ,tell me wetin I for do ?
Tell me ..
Tell me…
Tell me…
Wetin I for do ?
Tell me
Tell me
Tell me
Wetin I for do ?

Who ll ever reveal all my secret confessions ? (Na only man )
Who ll promise and never ever see it come through? ( Na only man)
Who can say one thing and do another ?
( Na only man, Na only man)
You can only trust God and never a Man.
No no no no

Repeat chorus

Ohhhh ohhhh
If nor be God !!!


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