(Full Lyrics) Awesome wonder - Chris Fidelis
(Full Lyrics) Awesome wonder - Chris Fidelis

Give thanks and praise to God.. he’s awesome..

Awesome wonder… 2X

I can’t explain the way you love me
Amazing Grace you’ve shown to me
All of my worship I will sing to you
You are my God, awesome ruler

All of creation sings your worship
Sing hallelujah to the king
Now and forever we will lift our voice
You are my God… Awesome ruler…re

Awesome wonder, you are my everything
Awesome wonder, you gave your life for me
Awesome wonder, I will give you everything
Awesome wonder…

You are my God
Awesome ruler…
You are my God
Great and mighty king..
You are my God
Soul provider…
You are my God
That is why I sing…

Lord you are AWESOME WONDER!!!

You’re Awesome 3X
You are Awesome Wonder!!!

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