Conor McGregor calls Dustin Poirier’s win ‘illegitimate’ from hospital bed

Dustin Poirier defeated Conor McGregor at Saturday’s UFC 264 event in the first round by TKO. However, it wasn’t a deadly strike by Poirier that did damage to McGregor.

The Irishman lost the fight when he stepped back to dodge a punch and dislocated his tibia. The fiery McGregor, however, will not accept a true defeat in such a way.

“Dustin, you can celebrate that illegitimate win all you want, but you’ve done nothing in there. That second round would’ve shown all. You know onwards and upwards we go, team. We dust ourselves off, we build ourselves back, and we come back better than ever. Let’s go, team.” McGregor said in a video posted on his Twitter.

McGregor was able to land more strikes than his counterpart in the one round they fought. The 32-year-old landed 43 total strikes, as opposed to the Poirier’s 36.

“I was boxing the bleedin’ head off him and kicking the bleedin’ leg off him. Usual sh–t, [he] dived to close the distance,” McGregor told Joe Rogan while sitting injured in the octagon. “This is not over! If I have to take this outside with him, it’s on outside. I don’t give a bollocks.”

Dustin Poirier punches Conor McGregor during UFC 264.
Dustin Poirier Punches Conor Mcgregor During Ufc 264.
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The loss dropped McGregor to 22-6-0 in his career. He underwent a three-hour surgery to repair his tibia on Sunday. Now, he will spend six weeks on crutches before starting rehab.

Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier grapple during UFC 264.
Conor Mcgregor And Dustin Poirier Grapple During Ufc 264.
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McGregor will attempt to avenge this loss with another fight against Poirier.

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