We’ll do everything to crush insecurity, bring perpetrators to book – Buhari


President Muhammadu Buhari, on Tuesday, vowed to use everything within his powers to fight and end insecurity in the country and bring perpetrators of criminal activities to book.

He said this at the State House Conference Centre during a dinner with members of the National Assembly.

He declared that ‘‘insecurity, manifesting as insurgencies, banditry, kidnapping and urban crime of all sorts is the single most difficult challenge we face today.’’

Buhari said that some of the perpetrators of these wickedness do so for profit, while others do them in the name of discredited ideologies.

‘‘Whatever their motivations may be, their actions are an existential threat to our country.

‘‘In these circumstances, we must do everything within our power, without consideration of distractions, to put an end to their activities and bring them to book.

‘‘We cannot allow ourselves to be distracted from this objective, or waver in our commitment, and I am confident that together we will triumph in our present efforts,’’ he said.

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