NgospelMedia.Net Team and CEO (Noble Anebom Ozogbuda), Decided to Share this wonderful Birthday photo shots of our Mother and Grand Mother {Mrs. Patience N. Ozogbuda} on Her day of Birth, which took place on Saturday, been the 27th of November, 2021 at her Resident.

It was a Fabulous time of great joy, when all her Children’s and Grand Children’s who decided to surprise her with a Joyfully and fantabulous Birthday Celebration Event with her Neighbors, friends and family members, etc. As we know, birthday is a yearly event, which occurs once a year.

It is a time of remembrance for her, as her Son Noble Anebom Ozogbuda (NgospelMedia.Net Site Owner) Decided to Celebrate her life with sumptuous Birthday. at the end of this shot writeup, you will find the Pictures of this glorious event.


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