Soke Loke Lyrics By FLOROCKA Ft GAMiE || The Impressions Album @florocka

Na owo re soke
Oya lefurete
Soke loke  
Verse 1
If you got one life, better live it right
If you get one opportunity, don’t let it pass you by
Live everyday like it was your last
Don’t be in a hurry baby don’t run fast
Bintin l’aye yi o oremi slow down
Ja’iye ori e sugbon ma lo run down
No be everything wey dey shine shine be gold oo
Na owo re soke
Oya lefurete
Soke loke
Ma woju uche  
Verse 2
Under pressure will you know your character
Whether you be omo ijo
Whether you be preacher
Don’t judge the book by the cover
Rora turn the page and discover
Don’t believe everything you see
Every perception no be reality
Wise man no dey prove point o
Na owo re soke
Rora file soke
Kai padi mi sule
Soke loke
Lefurete, retelefu
Osi o da n’le pako
See buta dey form aje pako
A ni ka ja e si, o tun form
Omo no mago mago
Awa gan ti rin jina
Lai si oluwa a o ba ti si’na
Opelope adura ati’ki lo
Soke loke mo gboju mi soke
Mo de bi mo se n de
Emi mo’re mo wa ok
Baba ma ti gbe mi soke
A o seke, a o seke
File fun  
Na owo re soke o o
Gbe soke
Lefurete, soke loke
Today na today
No be Sunday
Mo ni ko handsup
Don’t be disobedient
Na owo re soke
Soke loke, lefurete
Oya retelefu
Na owo re soke
Mista road safety
Oya ba won lo
No holding back,
No pretending
No shakara
You are not permitted to form
No fumbling no no no no no
Padi mi sule
Rora na owo re soke
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