Where The Story Began lyrics By Frank Edwards ft. Mr Noble, Nkay, Gil Joe, Pastor Saki
I was just a little boy
Roaming the streets
I never knew what life was holding for me
Then i met Jesus Christ
And my whole life changed
Then i realized
He is the hope of the world
Oh oh
This is where the story began
This is where and when the real me was born
I’m so grateful to my Savior and Friend
This is where the story began
And i know
Through the years
I’ve been searching for the truth
Religious believes held me down
But since you came into my life
My life has been made brand new
Whom the son set free he’s free indeed oh
Chorus: (Repeated)
Once i was lost
You found me and made me your own Lord
Shall ages came victories You gave
Set my feet on solid rock to stay
Lord i can’t stop thinking you
No no no no
Forever you will be My God
Chorus: (Repeated)
Lord i found strength
And loving your hands on my searching
Came to an end this is where i belong
Lord no one else but you but you
Baba you gave me the reasons to live and i on
I thought i lost the life
You said i have heard Your Word
And who am i to deserve
This kind of love that You gave
This kind of love that You gave 
Chorus: (Repeated)



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