Speechless Lyrics By Eloho Efemuai
Verse 1 
Your name God is higher than any other name I know 
Your power is stronger than any power in the heavens or earth 
Your will be done Your kingdom come 
Let every tribe and tongue proclaim Your love

Your love is amazing, incredible you are 
Your love leaves me speechless 
How wonderful You are
Verse 2 
Your Grace God is more than enough 
I am who I am because of You 
Your presence has captured my heart 
I’m humbled by Your majesty 
Reign forever Christ our Savior 
Let every tribe and tongue proclaim
Chorus (Repeated 2x)
You’re worthy, mighty 
None compares to You 
You’re Holy, all the glory 
Belongs to You our God
Yes Lord all the Glory belongs to You 
You are ever so faithful 
Ever so loving oh God 
We give You the highest praise 
Hallelujah, Yes You are Holy 
All the glory belongs to You, Yes! Yes! Yes


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