(Chorus by A.I.E)

I sin against You in many ways
I’m not worthy to call upon You. 

But all I wanna say is this l Lord

I don’t wanna missed Heaven lord

(I need Your forgiveness)X2 
I need forgiveness thank You Jesus

[Rap1 by Apostle]

Heaven is mine entertainment
For we all make mistakes sometimes
I know I’ve sinneth I plead for Your forgiveness
imperfect me innocent me Lord. 
Anyway i wrong you please forgive me
You died on the cross bring me back to life
I was living in darkness now I live in light
‘cus I was blind now I received my sight
Forgive me of my iniquity Lord
As I forgive those who trespass against me
Forgiveness is necessary for Salvation
Forgive so ye maybe forgiven
If anyone strike you on your right. 

Turn to him the left side & 
Say this Father forgive them for they know not what the do
(Chorus by A.I.E)

[Rap2 by Apostle]

Mr. Apostle on the Mic
We’ve all sin & fall short of Your Glory
I’ve sin against my body
Against Holy Spirit. 

‘cus I’ve defiled Your Holy Temple. 
I’m no more worthy to call upon Your Name. 
My heart is broken my blood is boiling

My mind is beating for Your forgiveness

For all I did in secret is not to be spoken. 

Even those things I vow not to do

I still find it everyday is what I do
Lord Jesus I plead for Your forgiveness 

Give me the grace to overcome such addiction. 

Even though I’m living in the world of tribulations

I pray You will give me the power to overcome all temptation. 
Yeah! imperfect me innocent me
(Chorus by A.I.E)


  1. Rap 1 correct by" song owner. [anyway i wrong you please forgive me] (not anyway i wrong you please forgiveness me)


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