In her new song “Throne Room”, Tonia draws us to the throne in worship, causing our extravagant love and submission to The Holy One flow out because of His identity as the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent One. Not just because He is  able to meet our needs‎ and answer our prayers.
It is highly appropriate to thank God for all the things He has done for us. However, True Worship is shallow if it is solely an acknowledgment of God’s wealth.
“Throne Room” is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy; born out of a deep seated desire to see the Nations bow in reverence to the King of kings, the King of the Universe, who alone deserves all our praise and adoration.
“For all the gods of the nation’s are idols, but the LORD made the heavens. Splendor and Majesty are before Him, Strength and Glory are in His Sanctuary.” – Ps 96:5-6
Sited on the Throne
Your Glory fills the Temple
A crowd of Angel worshipers

All: Holy Holy
The twenty and four elders
Falling down before Your Throne
Casting down their crowns
Saying “Thou art worthy”
Oh Lord
And we join in the worship
To reverence Your name 
For You are worthy Oh oh oh
I stand in awe of Your Royalty
Your Majesty
You’re Glorious and worthy to be praised.

All nation bow‎ before Your holy throne
The One who was and is to come
We magnify and exalt Your holy Name
For You are God
You are the King of  the Universe.

Oh God
You’re Glorious in Splendor 
All:  Search-less are Your ways
Matchless in all Your worth

All:  The Lamb upon the throne
Holy God
You are the Mighty Man in battle
Alpha and Omega
The One who was and is to come
Worthy is the Lamb  X2
Almighty Father
All: King of the Universe. Ahhhh ahhhh
Faithful are You God.

CHORUS: All nation bow before Your holy throne..

We worship
We worship‎.         } X3.    ] x4
We worship‎ You
‎All Nation bow before Your Holy throne
The One who was and is to come
We magnify and exalt your Holy Name
For You are God
You are the King of the Universe.



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