Ayam abor ahum ooo, 
olu ebube gi Chineke emela, 
emela okaka

My eyes has seen, 
my ears has heard of your Goodness, 
NA double (x2)

Armama macha macha oshirimi Atata
Armama masi masi oshirimi Atata

You are the living water, 
your Blessings NA double (x2) 

Verse 1
Come upon me oooo heavy laden says The Lord
Drink from my well and you’ll thirst no more
Cast your burden b4 my altar
All of a Sudden you’ll not be bordered
give you good loving I’ll be your shoulder
All of your problems will be over.

Do you remember the story of Sarah
Den you should remember the story of Hannah
Alpha and omega is my name
Ebube dike, I’ll erase your pain
Jehovah Suga delete shame
Oshirimi Atata I make it Rain 

Verse 2
Seek first the kingdom of God, and it’s righteousness,
And every other thing would be added to you with happiness
Am able to do everything I do through Christ that strengthens me
And so are you, if you serve odumegwu Judah 

Do you know
I see what Jesus can do
and I see what the devil can do as well
Just the Bible says
Choose you this day
Who you will serve
As for me and my house
In the city of Jesus
We will serve Jehoval Sugar

Na Double Double 2x


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