Joyouscelebration19 1
This is another day that the Lord has kept me
Ooh, this is another day He blessed me
He kept me from all evil with my mind stayed on him
And I know He’s gonna keep me
Until He returns
Have you ever felt like you couldn’t make it?
You didn’t have the strength to go through
Troubles and trials always got you down
You cry, ‘Lord what shall I do?’
Stop depending on your feelings
And start trusting His word
‘Cuz I’m persuaded,
He’ll never leave me till I see his face someday
This is another day the Lord has kept me
Ooh, this is another day He blessed me
One more day the Lord has kept me
One more day He blessed me
Oh one more
Oh lord I thank you
Exalt you and give you the glory for
You are faithful
O Lord you are ever so faithful
O thank you Lord
I thank you Lord
o thank you Lord
One more day you’ve been so faithful
One more day
It’s another day that you’ve been the Lord almighty in my life
One more
It was another day you been faithful
Yet another day you’ve been loyal Yet another day you been wonderful
Yet another day you helped me break it 
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