Lord I’m available to you (2x)
Take my hands and my feet
and every part of me is yours
Lord I’m available to you (2x)

You brought me out of the miry clay,
and you set my feet upon the rock to stand,
you gave your word to me and now I’m free
LORD I’m available to you
LORD I’m available

Call and Response
For you healed me (healed me)
Filled me (Filled me)
Changed my name (Changed my name and today I’m a new man)
Hold me (Hold me)
Mold me (mold me)
Set me free
(Set me free from my sins now I can walk in your will and ways all the way)
Solo…I say
Lord I’m available to you uuuu uuu uuu
Lord I’m available.

Fall the rain and shine the sun.
In the darkest night no moon to shine the light
Lord in every step I take in every move I make
Lord I’m available to you

Choir – I’m available
Repeat Call and Response
Lord I’m available to you uuuu 3x
Take my hands, and my feet,
Every part of me, I give to you for your glory.


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