In Your Presence Lyrics by Elvis E

Come before the presence of the Lord,
and let your glory fill this place,
dwelling in the presence of the Lord,
Lord I thank you for your grace,
right before the presence of the Lord,
In your presence I’m content,
Dwelling in your presence,
In the presence of my God.

Chorus 1
Lord we dwell in your presence,
filled with gladness and joy,
and there’s no better place we’d rather be,
See your glory coming down,
you inhabit in our praises,
Lord with gladness from our month we sing your praise,

Let your glory rain down on me,
let your presence fill this place,
we abide by your grace,
lord you reign you reign.

Come before his presence with thanksgiving
enter his courts with praise,
be thankful unto him and bless his only name
for he is worthy he is worthy to be praise.

Ooohhh I’m So glad cause I’m in your presence,
my sorrows are over now that I’m in your presence,

In your presence…(fade-out)
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