Forever Lift My Hands Lyrics by David Adesokan

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Verse 1:
Jesus, you’re the reason why I sing
Jesus, the very air I breathe
Jesus, you’ve been very good to me
Jesus, You’re everything I need
I’ll forever lift my hands to worship you (2x)

You are so Holy, So Worthy,
I will lift my hands in total praise, in reverence of your Name,
Oh so highly exalted, You Reign in Majesty,
I’ll forever lift my hands to Worship You (2x)
I raise my Hands, To worship you,
And I lift my Voice, To worship you,
I fall on my Knees, We worship you,
And lay on face before You, We worship you,
Forever lift my hands
Based on Psalms 63:4
Credit: David Adesokan
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