God Alone Lyrics by FLOROCKA

Florockab Gh

You are God there is no other
You are God, God alone
You are merciful in all your ways
You are not a man that you should lie, No
I have come to know that you are able to do all things
In your time at your pace
Yes, your supremacy is never disputable
The works of your hands testify of your wonders
(In yoruba) Ki ni mo le so, ki ni mo le render
To show you my appreciation for all you’ve done
I just wanna worship you for who you are

My mistakes and my crisis doesn’t threaten you
Because you are the one and only atobiju
The best of my manliness isn’t a qualification
(In yoruba) Rara o ko ma le si ilekun orun o
My holiness isn’t comparable to your unquestionable authority
Yes and your splendor
Yes i am fully persuaded
I don’t need scientific proof to show me the obvious
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