Bring Down The Glory (2) Lyrics By Panam Percy Paul

Panam Percy Paul

Stanza 1:
I see your glory looord,
falling down frm heaven.
i see the angels looord,
boowing down,
the host of angels looord,
falling down before u,
lord of creation,
we give u praise, yeahhhh.

we give u all,
all of the praises,
we give u all,
all adoration,
we give u all,
all of the glory,
for u are lord,
God of creation,
u are holy holy holy,
almighty God,
we give u glory glory glory,
almighty God.

Stanz 2:
God of war,
let the earth tremble before u,
God of all Gods,
let the people fear u,
almighty God,
let the earth roar your praises,
God of salvation,
we worship u, yeahhh.


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