Glorified – Salvation Ministry Choir

Glorified – Salvation Ministry Choir

I am the head and not the tail
I am above and not beneath
Distinguished by His glorious light
To stand up wherever am found
I am a carrier of His glory
To show forth His praises on earth
His glory is risen upon me

God has glorified me
The glory of the Lord is risen
Upon me
Glorified me…

(c’mon rise to your feet and give Him glory
We are royal priesthood, yeah
Yeah… Glory
Yeah… Let’s declare it
Yeah…. Glo…. )

Solo: G, L, O

All: G, L, O, R, Y,…3x
G – GLORY – 3x

[Part: Soprano, Alto, Tenor – General – 3x]

We got the Glory
G, L, O, R, Y – 3X – G, GLORY


Call: I’ve got a glory
Respond: I’ve got a glory
Call: You’ve got a glory
Respond: You’ve got a glory
Call: We’ve got a glory
Respond: We’ve got a glory
Call: I’ve got a glory
Respond: I’ve got a glory
Call: Nothing could stop you
Respond: Nothing could stop me
Call: Nothing could stop You
Respond: Nothing could stop You
Call: Nothing could stop us
Respond: Nothing could stop us
Call: Nothing could stop me
Respond: Nothing could stop me


G, L, O, R, Y, …3x G – GLORY – (Repeat)



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