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Standing Before Kings And Great Men And Women (Part 2)


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Standing Before Kings And Great Men And Women by Caleb Ajagba


Every great lifting of God is traceable among other things to initial diligence in gathering adequate and relevant information about the assignment. In Numbers 13:17-20, we see how that God had promised the Israelites Canaan. However, Moses had to send out 12 spies to search out the land (according to God’s word Numbers 13:1-2).

Moses told the spies to go through the Southern part of Canaan and to see the land what it was; the people whether they were strong or weak, few or many; the Land whether it was good or bad; the type of cities, whether they dwelt in tents or in strongholds; whether the land was fertile or not, and whether there were woods in it or not. Moses told the spies to be of good courage and to bring of the fruits of the land.

God will give you a vision or open a door that will bring you in contact with Kings and great men, but He will not plan for you how to get it executed. The strategy of gathering relevant information and defining areas of focus guides you in action and makes you gain speed. When you have gathered enough information and have the facts which you have divinely sourced on the altar of prayer with the help of the Holy Spirit, you don’t dissipate your energies on things that are not relevant to your goals.

So ensure you research extensively and have adequate background information about the Kings and notable men and women prior appearing before them. Find out about their likes and dislikes from those who know them well. Queen Esther did the same and relied on what the Chamberlain appointed for her to wear before appearing before the King (Esther 2:15).

Also don’t forget to pray so that the Holy Spirit can empower you and give you more revelation and insight before the meeting with Kings and great men. This is because the heart of the King is in the hand of the Lord…Prov 21:1.

God loves research and finding out deep things (Prov 25:2). The extent to which you can go in gathering information regarding your assignment, is the extent to which your eyes can see, and as far as your eyes can see (Gen 13:14-15) is what you are able to get. Outstandingly successful people are men and women who are fat by facts.

Before Bishop David Oyedepo stepped into ministry, he read about 39 biographies of successful people who were ahead of him in ministry and opened about 40 files. It was not God that told him to do that… Making an inquiry about a matter is not an indication of lack of faith. It is a signpost of wisdom.

You cannot be effective in proffering solutions without first having adequate information about the person you are dealing with and the things that are of interest to him, otherwise you will end up focusing your attention and efforts on things that are not of any interest to him. Jesus said that the one who is sick is the one who will have the need for a physician (Matthew 9:12).

Can you imagine someone who is going for an interview, without checking out the details of the company inviting him or her for the interview on their website (if they have one) or to google the requirements of the position he or she has applied for? Don’t be in a hurry to appear before Kings and great men without doing your homework well.

Even when they send for you, take time to organise yourself before you go. You may not have a second chance to make good a first impression. This explains why people like Joseph and Daniel will always ask for some time from the Kings of their time to go on a journey, to find out deep matters regarding the assignments they were given.

Whether you are going for job interviews, business discussions, considering investment proposals, about to defend your contract proposals or responding to marriage proposals, create time to check out the details of what you are about to do. When you take out time to make inquiries and ask questions from those who know better, you will avoid costly mistakes.

So when you hear men of God and our Fathers in faith declare that Kings and great men will send for you, it is true but there are protocols that you must be conversant with so that they will continue to send for you again and again. Good understanding is what provokes favour but the way of the transgressor or ignorant is hard (Prov 13:15). In subsequent editions, I shall consider more of these protocols.

Written by Caleb Ajagba

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