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Standing Before Kings And Great Men And Women


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Standing Before Kings And Great Men And Women by Caleb Ajagba

In every society, Kings and great men and women are highly revered as they are seen as the cream of the society.

Kings and great men and women, are a group of people who by their industry, conduct, discipline and disposition have come to occupy the highest positions in life in their various vocations, communities and neighborhoods.

Usually, to be appointed or selected to be a king, there are several considerations that go into such decisions. These considerations include nobility, integrity, hard work, wealth, resourcefulness, diligence, knowledge of the customs and traditions of the people, ability to comport oneself in the public with so much dignity among other virtues.

This underscores the reasons why appearing before Kings and great men and women is seen as a great honour especially for those who have not made it to that level, and therefore being where Kings and great men are is a rare privilege for anyone.

Accordingly, in the next couple of weeks starting from this Friday June 5, I shall be relying on the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit to unveil the protocols expected to be observed by anyone who desires to appear before Kings and great men and women. This is because an understanding or otherwise of these protocols makes a difference as to the final outcome of such opportunities and encounters.

The Bible records that diligence is a strong platform for ordinary men to appear before Kings and Great men / women. In Prov 22:29, the Bible notes “Seesth thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before Kings; he shall not stand before mean men”.

Based on the study of God’s word and my personal research, I have identified about 21 acceptable protocols that are anchored on diligence that are required to be observed when you are face to face with Kings and great men or women. In order to confer maximum benefit to all of us, each of these 21 protocols will be discussed exhaustively each week so that we can know the relevance as well as the consequences of not observing them. Most times, when certain issues are being raised or discussed, many tend to think that it is meant for others, but in actual fact, it is intended to serve as two pieces of irons sharpening each other.

This series will have a takeaway for everyone, and we are encouraged to participate and add our opinion(s) as appropriate so that we can be properly guided in making the right decisions and enjoying the benefits of proper guidance. Through this way, we can effectively serve as the light and be a beacon of hope to the world.

This week, I shall be looking at one key protocol to be observed when you appear before Kings and great men. It is when you know the requirements of appearing before Kings and Great men/women that you not only prepare yourself to maximize your appearances before them, but you will also know the things that are required to become a King and a great man or woman that God has made you to be. This is because as King Solomon has noted in Proverbs 13:15, good understanding is what brings about favour, but the way of the ignorant is hard.


It takes just a few seconds to form an impression about someone. People including Kings and great men, generally make assumptions based on how you look and dress. By your personal packaging and presentation, you are communicating powerfully about yourself. Dressing neatly and decently in some cases shows that you are a serious person and should be trusted to handle whatever is committed into your hands seriously.

So don’t go before Kings and great men dirty and unkempt. Appear neat and decent before them if you nurse the hope of any meaningful success in your pursuit with them. Please understand that the blessings that God will bring your way will be channelled to you through people who in many cases may be better off compared to you. This is because the less is blessed of the better (Hebrews 7:7). One sure way to demonstrate diligence, is in your neat appearance.

When Joseph was told that he was to appear before Pharaoh, the revered King of his time, he recognized that it was such a rare privilege extended to a slave servant like himself and therefore required to be approached with every sense of seriousness. He shaved himself and put on the right kind of garment befitting a man who was going to appear before the King (Gen 41:14).

This implies that we are not expected to appear before Kings and great men unprepared and dirty no matter what our condition or reasons may be. Many erroneously think that by appearing before Kings and great men dirty and unkempt we would be able to attract their sympathy and assistance.

This might be true in the short run but in the long run, you would have lost the opportunity of starting off a more meaningful relationship with him. A dirty appearance is a turn-off any day, and if your appearance is repulsive to the King, how can you engage him in a way to develop a relationship that will grant you better prospects in future? There must therefore be an intentional and well-coordinated way to package or brand yourself in order to make you attractive enough to be allowed to appear before Kings and great men.

Avoid any form of indecency around you when appearing before the King or great men. Indecency is a complete turn off for Kings and great men. Ensure therefore that what you put on is clean, washed, neatly ironed and if you can afford it, put on a little fragrance, perfume or scent and ensure you smell nice. You don’t need a designer perfume if you cannot afford one.

But make a statement that communicates that you know what is good and that you belong to a class of people who have a positive self-image of themselves irrespective of your present level of advancement in life. Learn to treat yourself well and then others will as well learn to respect and treat you well. If you are sweating, ensure you have a clean handkerchief to wipe off your sweat and appear calm but well composed before Kings and great men.

The truth is that your appearance can open or close a door without you knowing it. It is only God that searches the heart, but human beings including Kings and great men first look at the outward appearance before making a decision whether or not to allow you have access to them (1 Samuel 16:7). In these days of technology, many Kings and great men have CCTV to monitor and assess their visitors before they gain entrance to where they are.

Many people due to poor packaging of themselves have missed great opportunities simply by poor and untidy appearances. Although outward appearance could be deceptive, yet it presents the first impression of who you are and how you are likely to handle opportunities.

When you are not decent in your appearance, you will lack confidence and composure. You will also discover that even the environment will disown you simply because you have failed to get the environment to work for you by upgrading your style to reflect what is acceptable.

So whether you are going for a job interview, going to make a presentation in defense of a contract proposal, planning to propose to the girl you want to marry or going to see the parents or relations of your fiancé or fiancée, ensure you package yourself appropriately. There is a popular saying that ‘The way you dress determines the way you are addressed’, this is very true.

So if a prisoner like Joseph could think of how to appear presentable before the King of his time, then you have no excuse appearing untidy and thinking that you will succeed in your venture. No matter how spiritual or skillful you are, ensure you dress decently. Looking dirty and unkempt is not a sign of spirituality. It is a sign of poor self-image. When you are neat and dress smartly or decently you feel good about yourself. There are places you cannot be allowed to have access to if you are not decently dressed.

Dressing decently is not necessarily following the current or trending fashion. It simply means ensuring that you are comfortable and smart in what you are wearing. It means putting on something that is neat and befitting and not necessarily something expensive. You can be gorgeous, stylish and attractive without wearing expensive apparels. However, whatever it is you decide to put on, ensure that it is neat and properly packaged for the occasion. When God has opened a door for you, don’t use negative attitudes like poor self-image to close it.

Written by Caleb Ajagba

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