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All in All – CalledOut Music

Verse 1One by one or two by twoIt’s me and You for lifeI’m feeling so, so alive Your spirit lives inside PreChorusSo I’ll go all...

{Lyrics} Never Leave Me – CalledOut Music & Dena Wana

Verse 1You are the reason that I’m breathingJesus You are my everythingYou are the one I give my life toIn You I live and...

[Lyrics] Soaring High – Calledout Music

I’ve tasted and seen,and there’s one thing that I knowDeep insideNo I can’t do life alone Cause you said, Chorus:We will be soaring highAbove the storms...

Already Won [] Calledout Music | Lyrics

You’ve been fighting for so longWaiting to sing your victory songYou feel like you’re not where you belongBut there’s a breakthrough comingThere’s a breakthrough...

[Lyrics] Warm embrace – Calledout Music

Intro You wrap me in Your warm embrace (x2) Verse 1 My Father, I’m grateful that You call me Your own Imperfect, I’ve tried and tried to do...

You’re Mine – Calledout Music Lyrics

Intro I will give you all my praise, I will give you, I will give you all my praise, Any day anytime all my praise I will...

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