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[Music + Video] Chop Life – Delight Munachy

Yet again after a short while of silence, Delight Munachy is set to blow your minds with the release of this beautiful and amazing...

Precious Father – Delight Munachy Complete Full Lyrics

Till forever… Ahuru m gi nanya No matter what comes my way… Ahuru m gi nanya Let this music show… The rhythm of my heart… Precious Father…

Love Letter Music Lyrics By: Delight Munachy @DelightMunachy

Chorus If I give you my heart number… I ga kpokwa? (Will you call?) If I call you my sweetie pie… I ga zakwa? (Will you...

Obi Muo Music Lyrics – Delight Munachy | @DelightMunachy

Verse 1 For a while,I’ve been nursing a vision…. To write my name upon your heart…. Yes I want to worship….Lift my voice and sing before you… And...

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