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Anglican Devotional 15 December 2020 – All Things Are Possible!


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The Daily Fountain Devotional of the Church Of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) 15 December 2020 – All Things Are Possible!

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Topic: All Things Are Possible!

Read: Exodus 6:14-30 (NKJV)

  1. These [are] the heads of their fathers’ houses: The sons of Reuben, the firstborn of Israel, [were] Hanoch, Pallu, Hezron, and Carmi. These are the families of Reuben.
  2. And the sons of Simeon [were] Jemuel, Jamin, Ohad, Jachin, Zohar, and Shaul the son of a Canaanite woman. These [are] the families of Simeon.
  3. These [are] the names of the sons of Levi according to their generations: Gershon, Kohath, and Merari. And the years of the life of Levi [were] one hundred and thirty-seven.
  4. The sons of Gershon [were] Libni and Shimi according to their families.
  5. And the sons of Kohath [were] Amram, Izhar, Hebron, and Uzziel. And the years of the life of Kohath [were] one hundred and thirty-three.
  6. The sons of Merari [were] Mahali and Mushi. These [are] the families of Levi according to their generations.
  7. Now Amram took for himself Jochebed, his father’s sister, as wife; and she bore him Aaron and Moses. And the years of the life of Amram [were] one hundred and thirty-seven.
  8. The sons of Izhar [were] Korah, Nepheg, and Zichri.
  9. And the sons of Uzziel [were] Mishael, Elzaphan, and Zithri.
  10. Aaron took to himself Elisheba, daughter of Amminadab, sister of Nahshon, as wife; and she bore him Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar, and Ithamar.
  11. And the sons of Korah [were] Assir, Elkanah, and Abiasaph. These are the families of the Korahites.
  12. Eleazar, Aaron’s son, took for himself one of the daughters of Putiel as wife; and she bore him Phinehas. These [are] the heads of the fathers’ houses of the Levites according to their families.
  13. These [are the same] Aaron and Moses to whom the LORD said, “Bring out the children of Israel from the land of Egypt according to their armies.”
  14. These [are] the ones who spoke to Pharaoh king of Egypt, to bring out the children of Israel from Egypt. These [are the same] Moses and Aaron.
  15. And it came to pass, on the day the LORD spoke to Moses in the land of Egypt,
  16. that the LORD spoke to Moses, saying, “I [am] the LORD. Speak to Pharaoh king of Egypt all that I say to you.”
  17. But Moses said before the LORD, “Behold, I [am] of uncircumcised lips, and how shall Pharaoh heed me?”


Today’s reading gives us the genealogical (succession history) of Levi, the third son of Jacob through Leah. It also identifies Moses and Aaron as descendants of Levi. Verse 26 tells us that Aaron and Moses named in this list are the same persons to whom God said “Bring out the children of Israel from the land of Egypt according to their armies.” This word of power spoken by God to Moses and Aaron should have inspired faith and hope in them, but verses 29 and 30 show disappointment from Moses and Aaron. God said to Moses “I am the Lord, speak to Pharaoh, King of Egypt all that I say to you!” However, Moses argued with the Lord and said “Behold I am of uncircumcised lips, and how shall Pharaoh heed me? “His argument shows:

  1. He was afraid of Pharaoh and did not consider God all-powerful.
  2. He was very reluctant to go for the mission and did not believe or understand what God told him in verse 26.

This is not a good example to follow. Whenever God speaks to you, His word comes with power and authority. Psalm 62:11 makes it clear: “God has spoken once, twice I have heard this: that power belongs to God.” David was a small boy but he did not consider or fear the height or stature of Goliath, rather he considered and trusted the strength and omnipotence of the God of the armies of Israel. In life, do not consider the enormity of your problem or the strength of your adversary; rather consider the greatness and the omnipotence of your God.

PRAYER: Carefully consider those problems, challenges and situations that have seemed impossible to handle and boldly pray to God for solutions now.

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