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Sammy SAS: Celebrity Interview of the week With Kruseaphix | @kruseaphix @RealSammySAS @NgospelMedia


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Song Artiste:

Learn enough from others to improve your weak areas but moderate enough to maintain your identity and uniqueness. Words from Nigerian Born, International Spoken word Poet and writer, Kruseaphix. on his exclusive celebrity of the week chat interview with Sammy Sas.

Sammy Sas: Pls can we meet you?

Kruseaphix: Yeah, My name is Obinna Onuoha, Otherwise known as Kruseaphix. I’m a spoken word poet, writer and podcaster
Kruseaphix: And also a chaplain under the covenant ministerial chaplaincy

Sammy Sas: So Tell us about the origin of the name Kruseaphix?

Kruseaphix: Kruseaphix is a unique way of spelling crucifix, it’s founded upon the text in Galatians 2:20 which reads “That i have been crucified with Christ yet not i that live but Christ lives in me…..
Kruseaphix: There are so many affiliations with the word crucifix that it would be difficult for easy identification and branding so i thought it wise to spell it my own way.

Sammy Sas: I actually why did you pick Kruseaphix as your brand name?

Kruseaphix: Well like i explained earlier, it’s derived from Galatians 2:20 and that represents all i stand for. I am what i am because of the Christ that now lives in me. It’s beyond the art and stage, it’s my life! All that i do, i do with this consciousness; Christ in me. And the Christ in me will be more prominent if i die daily. So for me, till i’m gone, it’s a daily kruseaphixion.

Sammy Sas: When did you realized you have a passion for spoken word?

Kruseaphix: Well before spoken word, i realised i had a thing for writing and expressing my thoughts and this i have been doing since 2002 or there about, while i was still in junior secondary school. However, i didn’t pay much attention to it as i only wrote for my eyes only. It wasn’t until 2008, that i gave in to my other passion of hiphop and started to write songs of my own while in a team of rappers known as “Soul Flame”. This went on for about three years and even though i kept writing verses and songs, i felt like the usual norm of writing to a beat and breaking into verses to accommodate a hook was limiting as often i wanted to just pour my heart out but could not as much as i would have loved to because i had to be mindful of my flow and all that. So once, i decided do defy the odds and just write a  straight verse without beats nor bar counts. I wrote and wrote such that when i kicked it, it was about three minutes in total. I was pleased about the fact the liberation i felt; i was finally able to ‘bleed out’. I then kicked it for one of my friends who told me this was spoken word and until then, i was alien to that genre. So i checked it up online and noticed quite a number of people were into this and i was like “I’m going to stick to this” seeing it allows me more expression. This was in 2011.

Sammy Sas: So how has the journey been since then?

Kruseaphix: In all honesty words fail me to describe it but i’ll say this, it’s been God’s faithfulness through and through. The places I’ve been, the platforms I’ve spoken on, the people I’ve worked with, the relationships built but most of all, the lives touched, it’s beyond fathomable. It’s been a journey of faith and trusting God as since graduation, I’ve turned down several job offers so i can focus on being God’s vessel and just blessing my world. To me, this is not a profession or vocation, it’s my life and like the parable of the merchant seeking pearls, once i found this path, i had to forfeit all for it and i must confess that it’s treasure indeed. I remember someone asking me one time what i do and i replied
“I’m a writer and spoken word poet” and rather dazed she replied,
“you write for a living?” And with a smile i said to her
“No i don’t write for a living, i live for writing”
At first, people around me thought i was nuts to not only refuse to seek jobs but to even turn down those that were offered without me asking and sometimes i kind of ask myself if i’m nuts too.. lol But what keeps me in all honesty is the treasure I’ve found in being a blessing and touching lives, the fulfillment from it, nothing in this world can compare.

Sammy Sas: I first came across your work, when I listened to DJ Ernesty, “great commission album” were you did both the intro and outro of the album, kindly tell us about that project?

Kruseaphix: Yea about that, I’ve known DJ Ernesty for a while now after i first met and worked with him during the Live Life Loud tour couple of years ago and since then, we’ve enjoyed a good working and personal relationship. so when he informed me about the project stating that he would like me to introduce the album and give the last word on it, it was a straight yes. We met overtime to really digest what the project was all about, to understand his heart for it and after much talk, we realised that we both share the same stand that fulfilling the great commission was not and shouldn’t be limited to orthodox and traditional means but could and should also be accomplished via contemporary and unconventional means especially considering the ever changing dynamics of our target audience which was what i tried to establish and encourage in both pieces in the album. We also aimed at making people understand that the task of witnessing and reconciliation isn’t one for the clergy alone but for every professing believer of Christ and that you don’t need a church or pulpit to witness as it can be done in almost every way possible. This is what the outro is essentially about. Go use your life and abilities to be light in a world that seems to be growing darker by the day.

Sammy Sas: Tell us a little about some few achievement  you have enjoyed since the inception if our career ie events, albums, award etc

Kruseaphix: Between 2012 and now, the events are just too enormous to count and even though i esteem all events highly, some of particular highlight includes the Live Life Loud Tour which featured renowned gospel acts Sho Baraka and S.O, the movie premiere of God’s Not Dead in Abuja, Rhyme & Reason Lagos where i met international spoken word acts Ezekiel and Janette… IKZ as well as Da’TRUTH. Wole Soyinka’s 80th Birthday Celebration in Abeokuta where i was privileged to speak to a contingent of guests which included reputable figures and school pupils drawn from all 36 states of the country, The Federich Ebert-Stiftung celebration of ECOWAS at 40 in Abuja, The One Voice Summit on Child Trafficking and Sex Slavery in Abuja among others. I can’t even begin to start on the churches I’ve been privileged to grace their altars. I don’t have an album yet but one will definitely come up soon and my videos are on youtube as well as my website
My greatest achievement however is seeing people’s lives transformed, especially those who take bold steps  towards their God given destinies after hearing me speak.

Sammy Sas: As a spoken word poet, what do you think is the major challenge confronting the art, in Nigeria?

Kruseaphix: The art of spoken word is one that is rather gaining prominence among the general populace and rapidly in the recent years compared to the past because unlike music that the sound can catch your attention or movies where your eyes are appealed to, spoken word requires a certain level of literacy from the listeners before it can truly be appreciated and considering the level of literacy in times past haven’t been over the top, it explains why the art isn’t where most expects it to be but that’s all changing now as more and more people are beginning to appreciate these kind of art forms thanks to the increasing level of literacy among the people and this is good news for all players in the game. While most People may see it as a challenge the fact that spoken word in Nigeria isn’t on the same pedestal with others like music, i personally think it’s okay that the art is growing at the same pace as the size of its lovers because it shows that the art is being accepted for what it is – in it’s purest form by both the artists themselves and the fans. This way, the industry can grow bigger without the usual worry that once the art goes main stream, it will lose its purity. Some media outfits, independent and corporate promoters and other stakeholders are putting their hands to the plough to see that this art gains more appreciation and it’s starting to yield fruits. So though gradual, the art is growing steadily and with that, i’m confident that even better days lies ahead.

Sammy Sas: Who are your top three Nigerian and international spoken word poet?

Kruseaphix: In no particular order: David Bowden, Propaganda and Ezekiel Azonwu.
For Nigerian, Donna K, Iyanu Adebiyi and Nectar

Sammy Sas: Sage Hassan?
Sammy Sas: I think he is the father of the art, in the country

Kruseaphix: Yes. Sage Hassan is one of the pioneers of the art in the country and has done exceptionally well to cement the place of spoken word poetry in Nigeria.
Efe Paul, Dike Chukwumerije, Titi Sonuga are also among the league of those have done and are still doing great things in and for the art in Nigeria. I have great respect and admiration for these poets but the names i called earlier are my personal favorites.

Sammy Sas: So on a scale of 1-10 how well do you know your culture and tradition?

Kruseaphix: Of the Igbo’s which i hail from, i’d say a 7. However I’ve overtime picked up certain cultural traits from some of the other tribes in Nigeria. So as much as i’m igbo by birth, i’m Nigerian through and through.

Sammy Sas: Which state?

Kruseaphix: Imo state

Sammy Sas: So which local meal can you prepare very well?

Kruseaphix: Wohooooooo… you don’t want to go there.. *flexes muscles
I can prepare Afang, Efo Riro, Edikaikong, Ogbono, Egusi, Moi Moi, Okro, Oha soup, Bitterleaf soup, Jollof… should i continue? Lol

Sammy Sas: Guy! when you dey open your restaurant? ??

Kruseaphix: Lol.. know what’s funny? I’ve been asked that question consistently for nearly 10years. I love to cook and have fun in the kitchen.. anywhere i catch cable tv, if there’s no live match, it’s straight to food network.
Don’t think i’ll be the chef should i choose to open one or a chain of restaurants. To be executive chef in a restaurant requires loads of attention and devotion, which i can’t give for obvious reasons.

Sammy Sas: Apart from Jesus Christ, who is your favourite character in the Bible?

Kruseaphix: Hmmmm.
Kinda hard to pick but i’d say Joshua. Not just because of his courage and might, but also his love for God which saw him doing extra, like how he’ll remain in the tabernacle even after Moses (the leader) was done for the day. Like staying back with God some more when it wasn’t a crime to leave. He loved God’s ways even when there aren’t consequences. And that’s my aim, my desire, to still be with God even after everyone leaves and to give that extra.

Sammy Sas: What’s your favourite Bible verse?

Kruseaphix: Galatians 2:20!

Sammy Sas: If you were to be an animal, which animal would you be?

Kruseaphix: A lion.. It’s not the biggest, strongest or fastest animal but it just has this confidence that whatever is before me i can take it. There’s no target too great for the lion.

Sammy Sas: Are you a husband material or a serving husband?

Kruseaphix: Material
Kruseaphix: She’s not here yet

Sammy Sas: ? where do you see yourself in five years time?

Kruseaphix: Honestly? I can’t tell.. if you  asked me five years ago, i probably wouldn’t know i’ll be where i am now. I try not to plan the journey and just ride with the driver of my life, being confident that wherever He takes me, it’ll ultimately be good.

Sammy Sas: What’s your advice to aspiring Spoken word poet’s?

Kruseaphix: If you haven’t already started, start writing. And if you have, keep writing. Enjoy the art, love it. Your poems should first satisfy you before anyone else. Learn enough from others to improve your weak areas but moderate enough to maintain your identity and uniqueness. Don’t just write about any subject, write about what things you are passionate about. And lastly, listen to Emile Sande’s Read About It.

Sammy Sas: How can your fans reach you on social media?

Kruseaphix: My twitter and Instagram handles are @kruseaphix and facebook: @kruseaphix220
They can also visit my website

Sammy Sas: Can you do something for us, a little of your creativity for us to read??

Kruseaphix: I Titled this one: The Day God Died

The earth finally stop running along its axial tracks as nothing was worth the chase. Fishes forfeited their gills and fins for nostrils and limbs as the thirst from the resulting drought drank up the seas providing no relief still.

Depth was filled with shallowness, no exams left hence no need for time to keep ticking and Safe stitching as he watch the nines grow into ones, then nils, as the mail of companionship was sealed with lonliness and predators became self consuming savages, preying on themselves; praying to themselves.

The baloon punctuation was punctured, life numb and without motion hence the irrelevance of commas, apostrophes and full stops as the marks of silence questioned the authenticity of an exclamation.

The potrait of life fell out of place having lost the support of a moral framework. The humble despised and ridiculed as one with kwashiokor in a world that feeds on pride and arrogance, the gentle and temperate became destitutes and homeless for the world took shelter in the twin towers of insolence & violence.

lambs deceased from the disease malnurishment, as sheeps breast-fed foxes, O’s were made match for X’es while men and women changed sexes like and end of game ritual where opposing players swapped jerseys……to be continued

Sammy Sas: Lol
Sammy Sas: So finally your last words to your fans in Diaspora?

Kruseaphix: Thanks for your support. Keep shinning so together, we can light up the world with the love and power of Christ. #OneBride

Sammy Sas: Thank you so much for your time Bro

Kruseaphix: Thank you Sammy Sas. I’m gratefule

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