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Simakade baba [Almighty, Lord]
Wena Sonini Nanini [You Everpresent]
Wawukhona usenguye [You was and You still is]
Wohlal’ umile njalo [You will always be there]
Sikhetha wena [We prefer you]
Silambele wena [We’re hungry for you] 
Njengendluzela [As thy deer]
Ilangazelela amanzi [Panteth for the waters]
Akekho omunye [There is no one else]
Iingelosi ziyakubabaza [Angels praise You]
Zithi wena uyingcwele [Saying you’re holy]
Uzuko nembeko ngokwakho [Glory and respect all to You]
Sidela konke [We look down on everything else]
Siphokophelela [We forsake all for]
Intando yakho [Your will]
Inqob’ izono phakade [Destroys all sins forever]
Siyababaza ubukhulu bakho [We praise your greatness]
Siyakhothama phambi kwakho baba wethu [We bow before you our Father]
Thina siyazithoba [We bow before you]
Siyakhothama phambi kwakho nkosi
Nkosi yethu [Our Lord]
Refreshing times
Refresh my life
Refreshing times are here
Refreshing times
Refresh our lives
Refreshing times are here
Give off the flows
With true living life
Come join the flow
Where His mercy reside
Come fill my soul God
With your fullness oh God
Rhythms of life
Come fill my heart
Refreshing times
Refresh our lives
Refreshing times are here
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