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Song Title: Ngibambe (Hold my Hand) /Motho Mang Le Mang (Every One of You) Lyrics by Kgotso ft. Solly Mahlangu

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(Languages: Zulu, Sotho)

Song 1: Ngibambe ngesandla (Hold my Hand) – #Zulu

[Baba Wami] Ngibambe ngesandla ([My Father] Hold my hand)
Ngingashi emlilweni (That I may not burn in the fire) (Repeat)
Inhliziyo le kaJesu imnene (This pure heart of Jesus)
Sengizocasha kuyona (Is where I will hide) (Repeat)
(From the top)
Yash’ iGomora, Sodoma (Gomorrah and Sodom went up in flames)
Gomora emlilweni (Gomorrah in flames) (Repeat)

Song 2: Motho Mang Le Mang (Every One of You) – #Sotho

Tlon ba nyorilweng tlong, letle metsing (You who are thirsty, come to the waters)
Sedibeng sa bophelo bo sa feleng (To the fountain of everlasting life)
Moya, phuthego, di tlatsana, di re (The Holy Spirit and the church both agree saying)
Motho mang le mang, a tle (“Every one of you, come!”)
Motho mang le mang (Every one of you) x3
Ya nyorilweng a tle (Who is thirty should come)
Le ya bitswang bohle baetsadibe (You are all called)
Motho mang le mang, a tle (“Every one of you, come!”)

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