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Our Heavenly Father
We thank you for this day
We thank you for this moment
We come to you through your son
With one voice, one heart and one mind
We say thank you
Thank you for healing our land
Thank you for saving our lives
How can we not thank you
For hearing our cry
Father we appreciate you
And we recognize your greatness
We thank you for raising up leaders
Politically and spiritually
We thank you for your guidance
Throughout the ages
We thank you for liberty
We thank you for independence
And tonight as we as celebrate joyously
Bringing glory to you
We say take you glory Lord
Thixo Bawo ndithandaza Wena 
Nguwe wedwa oluncedo lwam
Khawuleza usundis’ubomi bami
Mangikubone enkazimulweni
Haleluya, haleluya haleluya haleluya amen
Haleluya amen.
Nkosi yamakhosi uyingcwele (haleluya) hallelujah
Nkosi yamakhosi Thixo Bawo
( hallelujah)Sithandaza wena
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