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Biden’s perverse read of labor law and other commentary

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Libertarian: Joe’s Perverse Read of Labor Law

President Biden is wrong to claim that under the National Labor Relations Act, federal policy “has been to encourage worker organizing and collective bargaining, not to merely allow” it, observes Sean Higgins at Reason. In fact, that 1935 law “was meant to encourage collective bargaining” only when it could end “ ‘substantial’ disruptions to industries, such as strikes, to avoid harm to the national economy”; absent such disruptions, workers should be free to choose whether to belong to a union. And the law explicitly lets states prohibit “closed shops,” ones that require union membership. Biden wants to eliminate that choice — which “ought to concern workers who would rather make up their own mind.”

Media watch: Democracy Dies in Smugness

“The Washington Post will no longer maintain a database of President Joe Biden’s false and misleading claims,” reports The Washington Free Beacon’s Andrew Stiles, as the paper’s chief fact-checker Glenn Kessler “has determined that Biden does not lie enough — he’s more of a ‘flub’ kind of guy; an old geezer who’s trying his best.” Fact is, Washington Post readers are “less interested in fact-checks that don’t involve Donald Trump (or any Republican), so the decision makes sense from a business perspective” — making this “the latest example of a journalistic organization abandoning a crucial ‘accountability’ project in the post-Trump era.” No matter that the paper’s motto is “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

Supply-sider: A Prog Assault on Prosperity


“President Biden has proposed the highest capital-gains tax in” at least a half-century, Larry Kudlow writes at The New York Sun, for a rate well over 50 percent in key states. Yet “Bernie Sanders’ beloved Sweden” is at 30 percent, and China is at 20 percent. The prez, in short, is “attacking ­investment, which is the key to blue-collar, middle-class living standards” — “policies that will surely throw a wet blanket on our booming economy.” He also wants $80 billion for IRS audits of high earners, which “won’t get half of” the $780 billion he says it will raise, as “it’s been tried before and failed utterly.” What it really means: “big-time politically motivated audits.” Funny: “Voters thought they elected an unassuming, unity-seeking, moderate Democrat. Oooops!”

Conservative: Biden Is No FDR

Democrats may dream “that President Biden can transform America as thoroughly as Franklin D. Roosevelt did,” but “Biden’s political standing as he approaches his administration’s 100-day mark has more in common with Bill Clinton and Barack Obama than with the legendary FDR,” notes Henry Olsen at The Washington Post. And Clinton and Obama ran into grief when they shifted “from economic recovery to pushing longtime Democratic priorities”; Biden is “pushing an even more aggressive agenda with smaller political capital.” His approval ratings, too, “have much more in common with his predecessors than with FDR,” suggesting “the political outlook for Democrats is grim, should they stay on this track.” Biden seems to be charting his course by assuming that “if enough change happens fast enough, Republicans can’t undo it, even if they tried,” but we will see if the “moderate helmsmen among Senate Democrats are willing to go down with the ship.”

From the right: The Truth About Police Shootings

The Washington Post’s famous database of police-involved shootings doesn’t show a “stark racial difference,” but instead confirms that “the fact patterns that get people shot by cops, whether they are white, black or Hispanic, are largely the same,” National Review’s Rich Lowry points out. The data suggest “we have a violence problem in America and certainly a mental health problem, but not — at least not on the face of it — a race problem.” Yet activists and the media ignore or play down cases that “run counter to the narrative of systemically racist police preying on black people.” This “cherry-picking” has enabled the “profound ignorance of the true landscape of officer-involved shootings” that is “utterly characteristic of most of the commentary and activism around policing in America.”


— Compiled by The Post Editorial Board


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