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Letters to the Editor — April 30, 2021

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The Issue: President Biden’s address to a Joint Session of Congress on April 28.

In the first 10 minutes of his first address to the Congress, President Biden ramped up the flattery that politicians have used forever to stir up support (“An Utterly Failed Speech,” Editorial, April 29).

Joe said, “In America, we never ever, ever stay down.” But our citizenry have been down socially since the 1960s. We have been down financially since the 1980s. We have been down politically since the parties erected the red vs. blue wall.

Joe also said, “There is no quit in America, none.” Wrong. We quit on states’ rights. We quit on the manufacturing economy. We quit on public health. We quit on criminal justice.

It will take more than a cup of Joe and a big smile to wake up America.

Kimball Shinkoskey

Woods Cross, Utah

I disagree with The Post’s piece slamming Biden’s address to Congress.

While I do agree with your comments on mask-wearing, since all present were fully vaccinated, I believe Biden presented promising solutions to America’s most challenging issues.

What a refreshing change from the horrible, hateful previous president, Donald Trump.

Thank God for Joe Biden. Democracy is back, and America is back to working again.

Elizabeth Wallen

Springfield, Ken.

Those who watched Biden’s speech witnessed a pathetic address indicative of a presidency that should never have been.

The American people will witness over the next four years the continued decline of race relations, the elimination of a once-proud police profession, a debt that our great-great-grandchildren will suffer for their entire lifetimes and the total abuse of American citizens as a result of the opening our southern border.

May God bless America and help restore this once-proud nation.

Alan Cribb, Tucker, Ga.

Biden blew another opportunity to unite the country with his terrible, nation-destroying nonsense.

Sen. Tim Scott, however, delivered a spectacular, uplifting speech which he deserves high praise for. Scott’s speech was presidential.

Gene O’Brien


In his stirring speech to a joint session of Congress, Biden stated that our country is “rising anew.” It already has.

No wonder he has a popularity rating in excess of 50 percent and has proposed programs that are popular with the majority of the American people.

I have serious concerns about the amount of spending that is being proposed, but the focus is now on the middle class and the poor for a change, not those at the top.

It was gratifying to see our president flanked by two supportive women as he addressed Congress: Vice President Kamala Harris and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

There are myriad serious problems on Biden’s plate, but it is a hopeful and new day in America.

Oren Spiegler

Peters Township, Pa.

Biden showed Congress and all Americans on April 28 that he is actually a socialist.

His far-left radical proposals will give government total control over every aspect of our lives and give total power to the Democratic Party.

Biden believes “We the People” is the government.

Robert Neglia

The Bronx

This is one occasion when I must disagree with The Post.

For a place-holding president, “Uncle Joe” performed beyond my wildest expectations.

Without wind in the House chamber, he didn’t fall down once. He displayed his mental acuity when he recognized his wife even though she was wearing a mask. He boldly took his own off to speak, as opposed to his recent wearing of one in his virtual conference with world leaders.

In a unifying nod to his predecessor, he encouraged us to “buy American.” Someday, it might be possible to find merchandise not tagged: “Made in China.”

This speech is sure to go down in history — way down.

Bob Porch

Marlton, NJ

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