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Letters to the editor — Jan. 5, 2021


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Letters to the editor — Jan. 5, 2021 1

The Issue: New York’s slow and mishandled distribution of the coronavirus vaccine.

I have been a practicing pharmacist, licensed in four states, since 1974 (“Throwing away our shot,” Jan. 2). For the majority of this time, pharmacists have been the No. 1 trusted profession. I am proud of that distinction, since it reflects on our dedication and pride in doing our job to the best of our ability.

Perhaps my standards are too high, but I would expect our elected officials to aspire to such a goal. We have been aware of COVID-19 since January and now have a vaccine available. What we don’t have is a plan in place to distribute it. I would like to say I’m shocked by this frightening incompetence. Unfortunately, it reflects the norm, rather than the exception, on both federal and state levels.

By the way, your job is to serve your constituents, not yourselves.

John Canfield

Saratoga Springs

Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio had months to prepare for distribution and administration of the COVID vaccine. Instead, they make it a political issue.

Cuomo, who is responsible for the deaths of thousands of vulnerable seniors in nursing homes, will be adding to his numbers by delaying the vaccine to those who need it the most. Other states are doing a much better job.

Richard Kops

Little Neck

Israel has inoculated some 1 million people, and Florida is doing a great job also. However, what’s happening in New York? It just comes down to Cuomo and de Blasio, who are putting the blame on the federal government. They’re just passing the buck — a typical move for both. There are many seniors in New York who should be getting this vaccine, and now. We have enough vaccines here to push this through. It comes down to Cuomo and de Blasio and their mismanaging. Stop the feuding with each other and do the right thing for the people of New York.

Robert Johann


“If seniors like me can get the vaccine in Florida, why can’t they get it in New York?” asked Greg Heinrich. The answer is simple, Greg. New York is run by incompetent blowhards who couldn’t run a fever.

In the 19 days since they began, they vaccinated 266,000 people — or 14,000 a day. At this rate, it will take 1,386 days to give shots to the 19.4 million residents.

In the meantime, Cuo­mo can write another book praising himself.

George Czerniawski


The incompetence of Cuomo and de Blasio when it comes to vaccine distribution is especially worrisome when one considers that these vaccines have a limited shelf life and have to be kept very cold. If Cuomo and de Blasio can’t distribute vaccines efficiently, how can we expect them to keep them cold? When and if we finally are inoculated, one has to wonder if the vaccines will be any good.

Gamaliel Isaac


I can’t believe how inept King Cuomo and his court jester de Blasio are.

Why isn’t every major pharmacy chain in New York state and city administering the vaccine? Wasn’t it his highness spouting how organized the distribution was going to be? And how quickly everyone was going to be vaccinated?

There is no blaming President Trump for this. This is a total disgrace, and they should both step down because a lot of people are getting sick and/or dying because of their ineptitude.

Tony Fasano

Staten Island

One of the laws of physics is that it takes time for anything to get up to speed. Cars don’t reach 100 mph immediately nor do vaccination programs. Instead of scaring New Yorkers, The Post should be encouraging anti-vaxxers to get the vaccine. The number of New Yorkers getting vaccinated will increase week after week, as the program goes into high gear. For 2021, how about a little more positivity?

Paul Sanders


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