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Letters to the Editor — March 30, 2021

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The Issue: The Democrats’ push to end the Senate filibuster and stop voting reform laws in red states.

President Biden’s party is poised to push through “reforms” designed to turn a democracy into a permanent one-party state, while using inflammatory words at a time when we are already severely divided (“The scare-Crow tactics of Dems,” Michael Goodwin, March 28).

We’re facing crippling lockdowns, open borders, loose voting laws, and now the Democrats want to end the filibuster.

They’re willing to shatter one democratic norm after another to serve themselves. They don’t care about the taxpayers they’re sworn to serve. All they care about is power.

Gary Mottola


Regarding Goodwin’s column: I find it laughable that Democrats are calling Georgia’s new voting laws “restrictive” and “racist.”

I am a minority voter, my mother being African/Puerto Rican. How is it racist to have me show ID proving who I am and that I am a resident of a particular state?

I find it racist that Stacy Abrams and President Biden are inferring that I’m too stupid to obtain proper state identification to vote legally and fairly. Aren’t these laws already the norm in many states?

Bryan Francisco Carty


It is especially ironic that Biden used the phrase “Jim Crow” to describe the filibuster when in the past the Democrats praised it as necessary for the minority to have a voice in the passing of laws.

Even in the past year, when the Republicans controlled the Senate, it was used by the opposition Democrats many times to stop the passing of legislation.

Goodwin pointed out that Republican state legislators were asleep while Democrat governors and their cohorts changed election laws to benefit their candidate. I believe they slept on purpose in order to defeat former President Donald Trump.

Now they have awoken and are passing legislation to make the elections more transparent.

Richard Ketay

Newark, NJ

The Democrats and the press praised House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in 2018 when she delivered an eight-hour filibuster-style speech.

In fact, they loved that she did it in high heels. Why wasn’t the filibuster racist then?

D. M. Diana

Greeley, Pa.

Biden and the Democrats are arguing that the congressional filibuster is a vestige of the Jim Crow era.

Well, if so, then why did they use it more than 300 times in 2020 when they were the minority party in the Senate?

Chris Tripoulas


The Issue: Reports that only 15 percent of high school students have returned to in-person classes.

The fact that only a fraction of the students who were eligible to return to in-person high-school classes actually attended should come as no surprise, despite the delusional Mayor de Blasio hailing it as a great success (“Class half full,” March 28).

What has been done to the education of the kids in this city during the pandemic is utterly disgraceful.

United Federation of Teachers President Mulgrew has weaponized the pandemic, and the kids were simply collateral damage. It’s shameful.

Robert DiNardo


Only 15 percent of students are returning to in-person classes Maybe parents of some of the other 85 percent are not avoiding exposure to COVID but rather wish to avoid exposing their children to something much worse: woke curriculum.

How did we allow a Marxist political party to take over our schools? Parents who fail to speak up for fear of being called racists are cowards.

Robert Mangi


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