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Letters to the Editor — May 1, 2021

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The Issue: President Biden’s latest proposed $1.8 trillion “American Families” tax-and-spending package.

Almost every dollar in President Biden’s $1.8 trill­ion spending plan is meant to do one thing: Keep America under the thumb of Big Government (“Dough Biden,” April 29).

President Ronald Reagan said it best: What are the nine scariest words in the English language? “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.” Truer words were never spoken.

High taxes will send more wealthy individuals and companies running to a place where they are free to donate when they want and are not forced to under the command of the Biden administration.

This pipe dream is just that — a wisp of “woke” behavior that gnaws at the prosperous growth generated by President Donald Trump and the previous political agendas.

Doc Ludemann

Bridgeport, Conn.

Biden’s plans do come with a huge price tag, but his vision is to make America better. And everything has a price tag. Nothing is free in life.

The Republicans are whining that his spending is unrealistic, but these are the same Republicans who had no problem with Trump’s tax cuts for rich people.

Unlike his predecessor, Biden is attempting to do positive things for America, not for himself.

The Republican Party should give Biden a chance to achieve his goals.

Kreg Ramone


I see much surprise expressed that Biden is not the kindly gentleman of moderate political thinking that he appeared to be in his campaign for the presidency.

But surprise, surprise: He has proposed higher taxes, more spending and more regulation, Israel has become the enemy and we work instead with Iran. Give me a break.

Why do you think we wanted President Donald Trump to stay in office? Because he was working for the American people, not against them, as Biden is doing.

Trump was already starting to narrow the wealth gap. We didn’t need huge government programs to do it.

Angela Lennox-Kay


Hackettstown, NJ

What is The Post’s point about the dollars that are finally going to real people who will truly benefit (“Spendapalooza,” Editorial, April 29)?

Is The Post opposed to funding a variety of educational programs so kids can get a reasonable start in life? Are you pleased with all the debt college kids are trying to pay back, which affects their career start?

Biden’s lavish programs are designed so that all who need help will get it — including, and maybe especially, those who opt for programs that will give them the technical skills, without requiring them to bear the cost of four or more years of college.

I suppose it is a reckless concept to provide essential programs to those who have not been given a chance before.

If Biden’s programs are not the most critical way the government should incur debt, what are you proposing as an alternative — continued tax cuts? Or do you still believe in Reagan’s “trickle down” economics?

A little support from The Post might be a nice boost for the programs. Try it.

Richard Glehan

Danbury, Conn.

Excuse me, Mr President: While you are doling out money, how about a little extra for ­Social Security?

For years and years I paid into the system. And now, if we are lucky, which we usually are not, we’ll maybe get a $25-a-month increase. That does not even cover my cat food for a month.

Biden wants to provide affordable, home-based care for aging relatives and those with disabilities. One way to help would be to increase our Social Security; $25 a month is not even a pittance for those who paid into the system.

Erica Sloane

New Rochelle

If, as Biden says, the economy is roaring back, then why do we need trillions of dollars in new spending to stimulate the economy?

This reckless spending will only fuel inflation, the negative effects of which will fall most heavily on the poor and retirees.

Kenneth Fitzgerald



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