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Letters to the Editor — May 4, 2021

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The Issue: The American Federation of Teachers’ influence on CDC guidelines on reopening schools.

As a child, after the first New York City teachers’ strike, my father told me that unionized schoolteachers and unionized municipal workers in general were a threat to our country. He was right (“Reading, writing & revising the CDC advisory,” May 2).

The story about American Federation of Teachers head Randi Weingarten directing the Centers for Disease Control’s guidance on school reopenings reminded me that allowing teachers to be unionized only forces the politicians who they vote for in a bloc to do their bidding.

Mark Zafrin

Los Angelos, Calif.

The power of the teachers union to influence politicians gives the metaphor of “money talks, bulls - - t walks,” a profound credence.

Union donations to politicians overrides both common sense and science. Even the CDC seems to be acting in concert with the union to prevent children from going back to school.

Meanwhile, teachers enjoy full pay at the expense of the taxpayers.

Phil Serpico


The article on how teachers unions influence the feds was very enlightening.

It’s about time the overall well-being of students is considered.

Why is it that students in religious schools, private schools and red-state schools have long returned to normal, while our schools are still in a virtual lockdown? This is putting our students at a distinct disadvantage relative to the rest of the country and the world.

If any teachers (who have probably been vaccinated anyway) feel endangered, let them find a safe job. Thousands of health-care workers, police, firefighters and other essential workers have carried on from the very beginning of the pandemic.

There’s no reason to be paying people who are not fully fulfilling their job obligations.

Bill Isler, Queens

It is absolutely appalling that CDC “guidelines” for the reopening of public schools was apparently influenced by the American Federation of Teachers.

Is there any reason we can trust the CDC now on anything it has to say?

Marsha Motzen

Englewood, NJ

The Issue: President Biden’s comment that he inherited the situation at the border from Donald Trump.

Kudos to The Post for its recent editorial (“New Biden Border Lies,” May 2).

How long will President Biden keep blaming President Donald Trump for the mess that has been created over the past 100 days while Biden has been in charge? He keeps repeating falsehoods and the liberal media never challenge him.

There is chaos at the border. The doors are wide open as migrants pour in endlessly.

If only Biden had kept many of the policies instituted by Trump, the border would not be a free-for-all.

Rather than blaming Trump for the mess he has himself created, Joe needs to fix this.

Isn’t it time that both he and Vice President Kamala Harris go down to the border, see the mess for what it is and do something about it besides blaming the other guy? The buck stops with Biden now.

Salvator Giarratani

Boston, Mass.

Biden is trying to deflect blame to Trump for the crisis at the border.

Good try, Joe, but smart people know you caused the crisis when you rescinded Trump’s policies.

Articles of impeachment for allowing cruel and inhumane conditions at the border and placing the sovereignty of the nation and the safety of US citizens in danger should be brought against him.

Robert Neglia

The Bronx

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